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Easy Rider

installation view

at the exhibition "Meistersch├╝ler 2011" in raumLabor  
21.10.2011 - 08.11.2011

Hamburgerstrasse 267, 38114 Braunschweig

Easy Rider, 2011
Ventilated laboratory power supply, loudspeakers, wire, electrical
conduits connected to form a wheel, fluorocarbon line, windscreen wiper
motor, split pieces of bamboo, lead sheet, floral wire, match with
cigarette paper fringe, cigarette paper, plastic box, microphone, energy, jute

A large motorized wheel on the ceiling causes the small paper objects attached to it by fine fluorocarbon line to move slowly in a broad circular motion.
The flying object with the match cuts easily through the air. By contrast, the other flying object swings on layers of air. The transformer cooler blows continuously into a microphone.
The amplified wind noise echoes loudly in the room.

photo: Jan Benz

easy rider from Tamaki Watanabe on Vimeo.