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"RESONANZEN" KunstFestSpiele 2016

Part Two
Sound Installations
 There will be new sound installations in addition to those already existing since April. On the rear axis of the Great Garden the artist duo tamtam (Sam Auinger, Hannes Strobl) respond to the permanent traffic noise with the installation 3 Farben (3 Colours).Works by Klangkunst Klasse Eller from Braunschweig University of Art (Manuel Haible, Sebastian Pralle, Maurice Pülm, Ingo Schulz, Tamaki Watanabe & Walter Zurborg, Georg Werner, Heiko Wommelsdorf) invite the public to a listening walk under the title Gartenarbeit in more hidden parts of the garden. The students’ sonic interventions, the results of an open ideas competition, primarily concentrate on sites to the west of the Great Parterre.
After the opening of the sound installations the sociologist and art historian Ulf Jacob will deliver a lecture on the relationship between Baroque and contemporary landscape gardening, spatial design and sound culture. In a subsequent discussion, chaired by music critic Raoul Mörchen, the historical and current sound qualities of Großer Garten will be addressed with the participating artists.

Thu 19.05. till Thu 02.06. — 9:00 till 20:00
Große Garten

Opening Wed 18.05. — 17:00

Presentation Ulf Jacob
Followed by a talk with Raoul Mörchen
Wed 18.05. — 19:00 Spiegeltent

Curator Carsten Seiffarth
Herrenhäuser Straße 4
30419 Hannover