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group show featuring works by
Hanna Hartman / Cecilia Jonsson / Edith Kollath /
Chelsea Leventhal / Tamaki Watanabe & Walter Zurborg

text by Dr. Kersten Glandien
curated by Douglas Henderson

10 September - 12 November 2016
opening Saturday 10 September 2016, 7 pm

Tuesday - Saturday 12 - 6pm and by appointment

For NEXUS, Galerie Mario Mazzoli has gathered works by 6 international sound artists: Hanna Hartman (SE), Cecilia Jonsson (NO), Edith Kollath (DE), Chelsea Leventhal (US), and Tamaki Watanabe | Walter Zurborg (JP/DE). All employ sound as a means of harmonizing the axes of dialectic present in their works, and illustrate the wide range of object-based SoundArt.
Ever since sound escaped from the confines of music, it has informed a nexus in which artists from different backgrounds and disciplines can explore its time-bound and ephemeral possibilities. Practitioners from painting, kinetic art, the natural sciences, textile design, fashion, literature, theatre, sculpture and electroacoustic music now employ sound as a key element in their hybrid artistic works.
The artists assembled for this exhibition exemplify this diversity, offering pieces that showcase a wide spectrum of skills, ideas and approaches. Explorations that range from pre-recorded compositions, hacked noise, amplified friction and electromagnetic noises to sounds only implied, engage in a dialogue with motion, material, object, and concept.
In all of these very different works - made of diverse materials, driven by different mechanisms and exploring a variety of conceptual ideas - sound is critical. Sound in all these works occupies the fulcrum position in multiple convergences of forms, and acts as the knot which ties together a visual and conceptual conversation. This variety exemplifies the nexus quality essential to SoundArt, and throws into stark relief the hybrid network structure endemic to current artistic practice.

Galerie Mario Mazzoli
Potsdamer Strasse 132
D-10783 Berlin
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